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November 3, 2013
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lex-ferenda:: Abram Booker by neonio lex-ferenda:: Abram Booker by neonio
:iconlex-ferenda: im still messing with it a little, and everyone knows all good characters 8') won't entirely develop before they're played so i hope this is kept in mind, but this is my man!!! hERE HE IS THIS IS THE MAN.. 

Name: Abram Booker 
Age: 17
House: Hufflepuff
Birthday: February 20th 
Height: 187 cm 
Weight: 93 kg 

Pet: n/a 

Blood-status: Half-blood. 

Wand Ingredients: 
    i. dragon heartstring; walnut; 14-inches; supple. (IC pottermore results hMMM 8')a )

ii. spells: 
  • creates a powerful, focused wind originating from the wand.
  • binds a victim with magically conjured ropes
  • causes the steps on a stairway to flatten into a ramp or slide. could conceivably be used on other surfaces as well.
  • creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.
  • forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes.
  • impedes the progress of a target in a variety of ways - depending on the skill of the caster, it may range from tripping and harassing to binding, knocking back, and even paralyzing the victim.
  • prevents nearby people from hearing a conversation.
  • creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
  • a simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries.


    i. electives: care of Magical Creatures;
    ii. extra-curricular: earth magic and quidditch (yES I KNOW EVERYONE WANTS THIS, but i'd really love for abram to be a beater!! chaser, if he can't be), alternative to quidditch could be ghoul studies.

Personality: 'Down-to-earth' and 'reliable' is a very light way of putting the impression that Abram leaves on people. Despite his looks (the blonde-haired, blue-eyed genes prevail through his mother's side, or so he's told), he's far from a flashy person. Rather, he's the kind of guy who will linger quietly in a group of strangers until he needs to step in, or drop the occasional, good-humored comment. In a close-knit group of friends this same eloquent detachment persists, except to a much lesser extent. He will throw his arm around the shoulders of one of his buddies, laugh with them, but he's never the loudest or the brightest character of the lot. 

In fact, a good way of putting it is to describe Abram (or 'Booker' as most call him) as the 'father bear' of the group who has a natural inclination to protect others. Perhaps coined from his father's image, Booker thinks it a responsibility to look after people and will do so even for a stranger, only stepping in when he really thinks it's necessary, but never failing to. 

His faults lie in the fact that, one, he's a little gullible and too trusting of others. Appeal to him as just the slightest bit helpless and you'll have his help no matter what your intentions are-- as long as he isn't aware of them. Two, he tends to come off as stand-offish, not exactly lending anyone the desire for him to protect them, and he can look pushy if he tries stepping in where his help isn't wanted. Ask him to back off and he will, but he'll look confused and a little disgruntled at the fact. This is largely because what he makes up for his lack of etiquette and social grace is with his physical ability, and he can't very well do that if you won't let him. While he isn't a body-builder, he's very savvy with physicality and 'hands-on' adaptability, preferring to try and capture a dragon than 'woo' a woman, for example. In fact, many of his hobbies include romps in the forest or some form of competition. He's the type who gets restless easily. 

From a superficial point-of-view, once one of his school mates tries to engage him, he will come off as very relaxed. Speaking in a low but steady tone, he is fond of replying in short, but pleasant responses that are just a touch sarcastic. Due to his lack of social grace and his quiet disposition, Abram gravitates to people he might need to 'defend', and people who are characteristically much brighter and more boisterous than himself. None of this is meant to imply that he is a hermit of a boy, but that he is just a little quiet, much a contrast to his seemingly showy appearance. 'Good friend' is a position he strives to achieve, and he'd want to be remembered for his loyalty and his feats above all else. 

'Thick-skinned' is another word that is very applicable to the boy and his pain tolerance is downright amazing. Bleeding in abundance? Well, it'll probably patch itself up if I throw this sweaty rag over it. 

And finally, this may all sound very well and good, but he is still very much.. a teenage boy, and there are a lot of teenage boy allowances to be made in any area of his social conduct. (Looking at  girls, joking amongst his friends when it might not be appropriate, and-- well, certainly you get the picture. The important part is about the girls.) 

History:   Booker grew up, fully prepared to inherit the magic he saw his father fussing with around the house (a house, one might want to be informed, that was riddled with the large, mounted heads and pelts that became the spoils of his father’s hobby). In fact, he couldn't wait until he was old enough to go to Hogwarts-- because if he could master magic like his father could, then that might be something that would earn his father’s respect (not that he didn’t inherently already have it).

 It might be a good time to mention that Abram and his father are very close. With his mother gone (not dead, mind you, just self-removed from her once-husband's life), he grew up looking up to the man like he was a hero; and in Abram's eyes, he practically was (and still is). His father is a big, bearded man with a taste for hunting like muggles would, though Abram will assure you he's cheated just a few times throughout his glorious hunting-career and that he's seen it first hand. It was from his father that Abram learned his passion for mystical beasts of every kind, and the teen can still recall nights when he could push his bed-time just as long as he got his father talking about unicorns or dragons in far-off reserves. It was from his father that Abram found his passions, and from his father that Abram learned that he would pursue them, no matter the effort it took. 

Despite his father's love for mystical beasts, because of a family that he started early, he had to set-aside his dreams and squeeze himself into a very Professional-looking suit and attend work much less vigorous and much more routine. In fact, his father works as a simple member of the staff within a department of the Ministry of Magic called, as many know it, the Department of Magical Transportation and has been working there for many years. (Because of this, Abram has various knowledge and factoids on-hand about brooms, which comes in handy among his friends on the Quidditch team.)  

 Because of his father's lack of initiative to pursue his dreams, Abram took it upon himself to make his own dreams come true, even with the set-backs that would inevitably rear their heads. Those dreams, of course, are to either work on dragon-reserves and protect and maintain their populace while corresponding with the commercial demand for dragon, or to immerse himself in the practices and culture of centaurs so that he can try to improve centaur-wizard relationships and expand the knowledge of centaur magic for various wizarding purposes (though, centaur-wizard relationships are his priority, just as maintaining dragon colonies are, and he has utmost respect for each of the "beasts"). 

 As far as his mother is concerned, Abram maintains their relationship with letters and not much else, and he'll always defend her choice to leave him and his dad even if it wasn't easy for him as a child. She's a slip of a thing, and just a little helpless by nature, and might be the reason he looks so closely after others. 

Likes and Dislikes: 

i. likes- 

    quidditch (as both an activity and a spectator's sport)

    hiking and various trips into the forest and outdoors; drinking (though he's only ever gotten to do so with his father around); tales of adventure and the sightings of mystical beasts; wizard's-chess; wearing horribly obnoxious holiday sweaters when it's appropriate without batting a lash; the latest models of broomstick (he's addicted to them like a muggle would be to the new iPhone); FOOD.

ii. dislikes - 

    spiders (though he'll pretend they don't bother him for the sake of saving face, and he's learned to tolerate them well enough); the moving staircases; cold weather (he's the guy wearing too many clothes, even if it is cold); haughty women (and men, for that matter); NOT GETTING TO EAT.


i. Eli

his quidditch-team bromance buddy and cOMRADE


hmm yes 8') i wonder if someone else has used this voiceclaim

Other Information:

i. Booker has a few notable habits, one being that it seems like he almost refuses to talk while he's eating. This isn't intentional, just.. he's very focused while he's eating, you see? Because there's-- well, there's food

ii. He also tends to reserve sassy-commentary for quiet moments in which he can mumble under his breath about it, unless the atmosphere allows for a boisterous kind of joking. 

iii. Booker coincidentally learned to master the muffliato spell to cover up for his friend Eli's terrible habit of talking just a bit too loudly. 

    'That fifth year is cute.' 'What, a cute fifth-year? Is that her, in the red? There?' Cue the internal suffering of a poor Abram Booker. 

iv. He's the 'noble' and 'loyal' type, above all, and the first person to ask if you'd like to brave the forbidden forest and consequently risk both of your lives (though you can bet he'd show some reluctance before skipping through the forbidden forest, so it better be important). It isn't because he's particularly brave, but because loyalty is the one thing you can count on him for. Not to mention, the many strange and interesting things that Booker wants to spend his life studying live there. 

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